The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 7 – The Geneva Conventions

The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 7 – The Geneva Conventions

Welcome back, Bachelorette Nation! After the blood-letting that was our “two-night event”, I think we all needed that week off. Now that we’re back, it’s time for Rachel to cull the remaining 6 men down to our final four. By the end of this episode, we’re going to know who gets to bring Rachel (and Copper?) to meet their family at one of the coveted hometown dates. We’re headed south to Geneva, Switzerland  and Rachel lets us know that the format for the week will be 3 1:1’s and a 3:1 – no rose ceremony. The stakes are high in the last traditional trip of the season, let’s dive in.

Breitling Bryan

The date starts off with Rachel and Bryan jumping in a Bentley convertible. Right off the bat, we know this is going to be one of “those dates”. You know, the ones that don’t exactly prepare you for Tuesday nights eating corn dogs and tater tots while watching the Real Housewives on your DVR. (I’ve heard). I’m a pretty good driver, but I get nervous when the rental agency “upgrades” me beyond the compact I ordered, because I drive a Kia in real life. I would freak the F out driving a Bentley around an unfamiliar European city.

Rachel and Bryan pull up to the Breitling store in Geneva and this is going to play out exactly how you’d expect. Bryan tries on one that has a black leather strap and evaluates the timepiece. He lets Rachel know that “he likes black…obviously”. Ugh – Bryan is definitely the type of guy to have asked women if it “hurt…when they fell from heaven”. Personally, I think a watch is a pretty intimate gift, but thanks to the good people at Breitling and their brand integration (#ad), they get his and hers timepieces. I mean, it wasn’t a Patek, so whatever. Bryan attacks Rachel with some aggressive kisses to express his appreciation. For anyone interested, his watch retails for $7900. (

Bachelorette Rachel Bryan Watch Geneva

We move on to the evening portion of the date where Rachel and Bryan sit down for some #realtalk. Bryan and Rachel discuss their last relationships because – that’s sexy! Rachel talks about her last boyfriend (remember him? From like 3 months ago on Monday nights at 8pm?) and Bryan tells Rachel about his last serious girlfriend who broke up with him just after meeting him mom. He then goes on to tell her that he’s nervous that is going to happen again – but don’t worry, she’ll love her! In spite of this admission, Bryan is headed to hometowns and reaffirms his title as “The Make Out King” with some gross smooches. I’ve literally seen the entire inside of this guy’s mouth by this point in the season.

Dean and the bargain date

Rachel asks Dean to wear his “Sunday Best” for this date and it’s pretty clear from the jump that the producers didn’t have budget for 4 separate dates this week. The couple heads to a Catholic mass and hangs out for coffee and pastries after the service. Just what exactly can you learn about your date from sitting in the back of a service for a denomination neither of you are a part of, said in a language neither of you speak?

We then see an old producer trick of having the couple dance in the street of whatever city they’re in to kill time. Dean and Rachel sit down to talk in a plaza and Dean is obviously pretty nervous. This comes through when he asks if she believes in the tooth fairy. When pressed to be serious, he asks what her favorite dinosaur is. He completes the immaturity trifecta by telling Rachel that she’s so pretty.

Bachelorette Dean Rachel
Do you like Dinosaurs?

This nervousness is brought on by a genuine fear for what hometowns mean to Dean. His family fell apart after his mom passed away and this is something that is so obviously raw. He finally opens up and talks about why he’s nervous and Rachel being the awesome person that she is, quells his fears and asks him to accept a rose for hometowns. He described his dad as “eccentric” during their date and based on the scenes from next week – this is a massive understatement.

Peter is so dreamy

With all of the budget that we saved on Dean’s date to a church and walking around, Rachel is able to take Peter on a helicopter(!) ride around the Alps. The last 1:1 of the evening is off to a traditionally Bachelor(ette) beginning. Majestic music is playing as they land on Glacier 3000 to go on a dog-sledding ride.

Bachelorette Sledding Rachel
Where is Copper?

Peter and Rachel sit down for their #realtalk session and at this point, if Rachel doesn’t give Peter a rose, I’m going to ask him out on a date. They have an honest conversation about love and how he’s feeling in what is one of the least contrived moments in show history. Rachel tells Peter that it would be an honor to come to his hometown. Rachel and Peter then express that they “really, really like” each other.

At this point, Peter has to be a prohibitive favorite, but there is always the wildcard that he could walk away if it wasn’t right (and clearly walk into being the next Bachelor…). Does anyone really think the other guys stand a chance at this point?

3:1 Date: Rachel finally meets Matt

Ok, so this date can’t end soon enough. I’m sorry but this is a battle for who gets dumped a little later than the other 2 if we’re being honest. Adam and Matt have barely been on camera – I think Adam Jr (the doll) has had more camera time. Matt? I forgot his name and we literally have the same first name. Eric and her have had sparks, but their relationship just doesn’t feel as developed as the other men.

Adam kicks off the date with the worst toast ever, talking about not liking the wording of her date card or whatever. Rachel pulls Eric aside and they have a discussion about nothing. Like, literally I already forgot what they talked about.

Next, I’m pretty sure Rachel just realized that Matt was still on the show. After they exchange maybe their 3rd sentence of the season, Rachel comes to and let’s Matt know that other relationships have progressed farther than theirs. Rachel lets him know that she has to send him home. Seriously – how did he stay on the show this long? Adam at least brought a prop.

Who are you again?

And then there were 2…

The evening features one on one time with Adam and Eric. The guys both open up to Rachel and make their final pitches for that hometown rose. Eric, in an odd moment, lets Rachel know that he’s never brought a girl home. This strikes her as a bit odd but doesn’t stop her from giving him the last rose of the evening and sending Adam home. I personally think it’s a miss that Adam Junior wasn’t in the limo with Adam.

Bachelorette Rachel Eric

Hometowns are now set with Peter, Eric, Bryan and Dean. If the previews are any indication, we’re not going to want to miss a second of next week!

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