Bachelor Week 2 Recap: Demo Derby and New Friends

Bachelor Week 2 Recap: Demo Derby and New Friends

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation! It’s week 2 of “The Bachelor” which means we’ve gotten rid of the boring, not-interesting crazy people but still have a deep roster of future “social media influencers”. Based on the previews, it looks like we’re going to get the heaping second helping of racing references that no one asked for along with our first one on one dates of the season. Let’s dive into the action!

“Hold on Tight” Becca K.

ABC kicks off week 2 with our first 1:1 date featuring Becca K. The date card says “Hold on Tight” which makes all of the women inexplicably freak out. Arie rolls up on a motorcycle (see what ABC did there) and whisks Becca K away for their date. Right after they leave, the women hunker down for a few hours of petty discussion. Krystal takes it upon herself to let a few of the women know that riding a motorcycle is actually super dangerous. Thanks for that.

Arie Bachelor Week 2
All of us listening to Krystal

When Becca K and Arie arrive at their destination, they meet up with Rachel Zoe (who has impure intentions as evidenced by the screen cap below).

After being styled by Rachel Zoe and receiving a pair of Louboutin’s, Arie (the producers) have one more surprise for Becca K. One of Neil Lane’s contractual mentions takes place when “one of his guys” delivers some crazy jewelry. The evening portion of the date is pretty garden variety. Becca shares her Tragic Personal Story™ (she lost her dad recently) and secures a rose. All in all, she seems like a pretty solid contender but not sure if she’s in it to win it.

20 Minutes of Krystal’s Vocal Fry

Krystal gets the next 1:1 date and basically all of the other women throw up in their mouths at the same time. This is because Krystal is the type of person who confuses a vocal fry for a sexy voice.

Krystal and Arie meet up at the airport and he surprises her with a trip to Scottsdale AZ (his hometown). After they touchdown, he gives her a tour of all the hot spots. The Pizza Hut he used to work at, his old high school – you know, all the landmarks. He then shows her his home which has a closet that is full of black t-shirts. He’s like a douchey minor league racing version of Steve Jobs.

Arie Bachelor Week 2

They then visit his family which has to be the earliest “hometown” date in series history. Following some garden variety family time (marriage is hard, family is important, etc, etc) Arie and Krystal have dinner. Arie tries his hardest to look like he cares about Krystal’s story about her brother who has been living on the streets. If we’re being honest, he reacted like she told him that Panera was out of bread bowls.

The evening has one more surprise and that’s an Awkward Private Concert with….Conner Duermit? Uh, ok. Connor Duermit is some panicked A&R guys answer when his boss said, “Why haven’t we signed a Sam Smith-type yet?”

Demolition Derby Time!

Arie, the former part-time, minor league race car driver, has to be just so exhausted with all of the racing references. The group date, featuring 15(!) women is a demo derby date which feels unbelievably unsafe and about as far removed from Indy Car racing as you can get. Again, nice work, ABC.

Annaliese is really struggling with this date and at first I was empathetic. This looks legit dangerous. We then find out that she had a traumatic bumper car experience as a child. Trick, please.

Arie Bachelor Episode 2 Group Date

While this was way over the top, it actually ended up being a pretty entertaining date. The women seemed to get into it and it was fun to watch. Seinne and Tia made it to the final two with Seinne bringing home the victory.

Arie Bachelor Week 2 Demo Derby

Please don’t explain why you’re “stealing” Arie

We move on to after party and after about 30 seconds, Chelsea picks up right where she left off and “steals” Arie. She takes the time to let him know that she’s a mother. When she comes back, she tells the other women why she’s been stealing him (because she’s a mom) and no one gives a funk.

The women line up for their time and Bibiana finds out that she’s at the end of the line. She complains for a while then storms off. I’m not sure that locking yourself in a bathroom is a winning strategy but what do I know? I thought Peter was going to win Rachel’s season.

The Legend of (not) Saint Bibiana

It’s cocktail party time and anxiety begins to build among the 18 roseless women. Arie is making his rounds when Krystal (with rose in tow) decides that she needs more time with him. Meanwhile, Bibiana can’t stop complaining about how hard it is to find time with Arie. Do you want to break it to her that this is sort of the premise of the show or should I?

the one surprise of the evening is Bekah getting sneaky with the “taking him into dark corners and making out with him” move. She’s got game, people.

Bibiana FINALLY gets some time with Arie and who busts through the door to steal Arie…AGAIN… Krystal. Bahahaha. Classic Bachelor move. At this point, Bibiana goes H.A.M. on Krystal. She lets Krystal know that her time is no longer safe and then throws in a “sleep with one eye open” for good measure. I mean, we could all see this coming a mile away. After all of Bibiana’s grousing about not getting time with Arie, who else was yelling at the TV, “Walk through the door, Krystal, walk through the door!”?

Arie Bachelor Week 2
Uh oh

The Rose Ceremony

This week, there are still plenty of women left who I have no idea who they are, but some personalities are definitely coming through. Bibiana gets the last rose of the evening which is clearly the Producer Rose. We’ll see a lot more of her and Krystal next week but I’m not sure they have 2:1 date potential – simply because I don’t think Bibiana will stick around that much longer. Her and Krystal feel a lot more like Whaboom and Blake than say, Taylor and Corinne.

Lauren G, Valerie, Jenny go home and we get a classic line from Jenny on her way out – “I’m not sad about leaving you I’m sad about leaving my new friends”. I appreciate honesty but maybe not what you say?

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