Bachelor Fantasy League Predictions: Week 4 – Getting Out of Dodge

Bachelor Fantasy League Predictions: Week 4 – Getting Out of Dodge

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation! We’re entering Week 4 which means we’ve said goodbye to half of the women already and are left with 15 contestants who all think they “might be falling for Colton.” This week takes place in Singapore which feels like they’re leaving the country a lot sooner than they usually do. Did the California fires cause them to have to fly out to Singapore? Are they coming back to the states for more domestic stuff, or are they overseas from this point forward? Typically we find ourselves in whichever town’s board of tourism ponied up the most to have ABC film a gaggle of women gush over the accommodations and scream the Bachelor’s name from a balcony. Either way – things are getting serious and we’re officially in the meat of the season. 

Quick Reflections on Week 3

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Anaheim just shot to the top of our bucket list. It’s a Medieval Times, but for pirates… less than a block away from the actual Medieval Times. It’s got a drink on the menu called “Sexy Leg Drink” that looks like the lamp from A Christmas Story. You can also get drinks in the full range of electric neon colors that don’t exist in nature. It’s Baja Sharkeez, but with a dinner show, and we want to go to there.

Bachelor Pirates Week 4

What happened to Catherine? She stole Colton four (five? twenty?) times during the first night, and then did… nothing. We had her pegged as the obvious early villain, but it seems like she came up against Demi’s aggressiveness and Hannah B’s absolute crazy, and she shrank from the occasion. This happens but rarely does someone turn on the crazy quite so high (I mean, she gave him her dog to watch…) and then basically say 13 words over the next 2 weeks.

Sydney having Colton stretch her out during the Strongest Man competition was the right answer. That’s how you get the virgin’s attention; not by touching his junk with a mannequin hand.

Quick question on what’s ahead – does Colton go AWOL while in Asia? We just assumed that he was in the states – probably at the mansion or something. What is he going to do without a phone, change of clothes, wallet, in another country where he definitely does not speak the language?

This Week’s Bets

  • Goes on a Group Date (5pts) – Take a look at the sneak peak here for some clues. We see a bunch of them from the beginning of the clip. We know he has two 1:1’s (Caelynn and Tayisha) and there are 15 girls left. With 2 different 1:1s – he wouldn’t go walking the streets with 13 of them, would he?
  • Eats Bullfrog, Eel, Pig’s Feet, or a Fish Eye (5pts) – Eat weird stuff in the Singapore market? Who seems the most willing to do anything for Instagram followers? Onyeka? 
  • Refers to Demi by Name (5pts) – uh, everyone? Weird. Courtney for sure though.
  • Kisses Colton (On the Lips) (5pts)  – I see Caelynn, Cassie, Tayshia, Demi, Hannah B from the preview – i’d throw in a few more who have already locked lips with him. (Elyse, Hannah G, Onykea)
  • Receives a One-on-One Date (5pts) – We see Caelynn come into the shot in the preview with a ton of bags and all the women are like “ohhhhh!”  This appears to be the annual “shopping date. ” It looks like she’s in an old Rolls dressed very formally. Could we see a “Crazy Rich Asians” date with Awkwafina?!?! (God, please yes)
  • Also, TV guide says that Tayisha gets her own date too, but I wonder if she’s the first 1:1 to go home. I don’t know that I’d put her on my team.
  • Wears Red Dress to the Rose Ceremony (5pts) – Who comes up with these questions?
  • Receives a Rose (5pts) – We’re getting to the point where he probably likes most of them now, so the choices get tougher. I think Onyeka is a risky bet here and probably Tracy.
  • Gets a Leech Applied to Her Body (10pts) Hannah B – it’s in the preview and it’s f’ing gross. Sorry. Ew.


Hannah B Leech Week 4

Things We Wish We Could Bet On

How much of the beauty queen stuff is planted? There is no way that this played out organically. You don’t happen to end up with two candidates, who happened to be roommates, who happen to have had a falling out, and oh they are also the reigning Miss-es of their states. So just how much is faked? Are they secretly best friends? Did one of the girls apply, and they had to go out and find the rival?

Even if we set that question aside, doesn’t Hannah B seem like she’s legitimately, absolutely, put-strychnine-in-the-guacamole, crazy? Her tank of rage thing… yikes.


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