Bachelor Fantasy League Predictions: Week 7 – Jump that Wall!

Bachelor Fantasy League Predictions: Week 7 – Jump that Wall!

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation! Last week things got serious and we saw Colton dispatch 5 women and cull our group down in a big way. We went from 12 to 7 and pretty much anyone that is left is someone that has a legitimate shot at making it to hometowns. We saw a ton of tears in the preview for this week and maybe, just maybe, Colton will finally jump that wall in frustration. Let’s take a look at what to expect!

Week 6 Observations

Last week was an absolute bloodbath. We saw 5 women leave us in various ways but if we’re being honest – none were that much of a surprise. Onyeka and Nicole were the first to disappear after openly arguing about which one of them was, in fact, a bully. Next was Sydney leaving on her own terms which is beginning to become a theme.

What are the odds that this season, ABC is letting some of the women know it’s the end of the line before the rose ceremony and giving them a chance to break up with Colton and save a bit of face? It could be a way to preserve some post-Bachelor value on Instagram or in Bachelor in Paradise. It could also be a way to emotionally abuse Colton who has apparent abandonment issues.

Moving on, Demi continued the time-honored tradition of showing up at the Bachelor’s room with cameras in tow expecting things to go one way (ad-hoc fantasy suite) but almost always going another (at best awkward but usually getting sent home). Things ended with a flight home and I can’t believe it but we’re going to miss her. She was the right kind of villain – she knew what she was doing, but her antics were much more funny than mean. While bummed to not keep Demi around longer, if there ever was a lock for Paradise, she’s it.

Wrapping up, we had a rose ceremony and Katie was shown the door to the surprise of only her. As she and a few of the other women left last week, they continued the emotional abuse and let Colton know that not everyone was ready to get married / here for the right reasons. Week 7 could be the “most dramatic ever.”

Week 7 Bets

  • Goes on a Group Date(5pts) – It appears to be everyone except for Hannah B and Tayshia, see below.
  • Goes on a One-on-One Date (5pts) – The previews show that Hannah B and Tayshia each have 1:1 dates – either this week or coming up. These feel like strong bets.
  • Cries (Tears on Her Face) (5pts) – If we’re to believe ABC’s edit (we shouldn’t) – everyone has an emotional  breakdown this week. 
  • Kisses Colton (On the Lips) (5pts) – How is this still a question? All of them?
  • Says “Fall/Falling in Love” (5pts) – We see a number in the preview, Tayshia, Hannah G, etc but again, if you aren’t saying it by week 7, you’re going home.
  • Says “Engaged” or “Engagement” (5pts) – We can see Caelynn talking about this – she seems like one of the more serious of bunch. Also, anyone on a 1:1 at this point is probably having this talk with Colton.
  • Receives a Hometown Date (5pts) – Hannah B looks like a lock here and someone to have on your roster this week given the overlap of questions. 
  • Pets Colton’s Dog (10pts) – Uh, I guess Hannah B?

Things We Wish We Could Bet On

  • Which week will Colton jump that fence? Has there been a stupider preview that has captivated Bachelor Nation than Colton tearfully hopping a fence in the middle of the night? ABC should have made this part of the weekly questions. Given all of the talking to camera men and brisk walking during sneak peak, you’d think it is something of substance but prepare to be let down – there’s no way ABC pays off this much build up.
Colton is gonna get weepy
  • Which 1:1 will end without a rose? It happens every season and it hasn’t happened yet. With only 7 women remaining (and 4 hometown slots) – this could be the week. Hannah Beast has been a ton of fun, but if things go even half as poorly as their first 1:1 when she forgot how to speak actual words, she could be at risk.


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