The Bachelorette Week 3 Preview – We / Hannah Knows Nothing About These Guys

The Bachelorette Week 3 Preview – We / Hannah Knows Nothing About These Guys

Welcome back, Bachelorette Nation! It’s Week 3 which means thing are starting to heat up and some relationships are beginning to form. Wait, what’s that? (Checking notes). Ah yes, I’m sorry – we know absolutely nothing about the guys outside of Cam being a over-the-top creepy, Jed owns a guitar, and Luke P skips leg day. The other 16 or whatever guys? I dunno – I think there is a John Paul Jones in there still? Anyhow, let’s take a look ahead with some Week 2 reflects and all hope that we get a more to work with on Monday Night.

What Happened in Week 2?

No seriously, what happened? Well the one on one this week went to… Tyler G? We had to look it up, and wouldn’t know if Wikipedia was wrong about it. They got in a helicopter, right? And did… the ATV thing (thanks again, Wikipedia). Made no impression. Which is really weird for the first 1:1. This is usually a guaranteed ticket to hometowns (Blake and Peter got the first 1:1 for Becca’s and Rachel’s seasons), but Tyler G gave us nothing.

The group date went to Dustin, since he got injured during the roller derby (and injuries tend to lead to sympathy roses), but again, what do we know about him? He’s… got a nose ring? Then we had the whole Cam and Luke story lines which we’ll get to shortly. As an aside, what does ABC’s insurance policy look like? It seems like every season there’s at least one date that they need to have an EMT on standby.

What to Expect in Week 3?

So we’re 2 weeks in and of the nearly 20 guys left, we know a lot about Luke P and Cam and Jed has emerged as a potential rival to one or both of them.

First, let’s talk about Cam. The Cam stuff is kind of a lot- like, really creepy. Last week he barged into a group date (in week 2!), had a chicken nugget pagan ceremony, and then toasted to Hannah’s new (his current) last name. I feel like we are on a path towards potentially some unsettling stuff including but not limited to: – shoe sniffing, stealing a lock of Hannah’s hair while she sleeps, or the most likely next step; computer-generated photos of their future children.  So we’d bet on another stunt that ups the ante in Week 3 and way overshadows that charming freestyle rapping we were introduced to during “After the Final Rose.” Fun byproduct of Cam’s nonsense though:  the line of dudes waiting to tell him off was longer than the line of dudes waiting to actually, you know, talk to Hannah.

Then there’s Luke P.  Homeboy is flying way too close to the sun. There is clearly some connection there but it’s 100% going to blow up. Our big question is what week will he get Into a near physical altercation with another guy? He’s burned so hot these first two weeks and there are like 19 guys left or something. Chances are this goes sideways – soon. In the meantime, we’ll bet he continues to take some wide turns around first every chance he gets.

The last of the guys we know anything at all about is Jed, our token Singer/Songwriter from Nashville. What do we know about him? Well aside from being an early candidate for the “Right Reasons Warrior” of the season, he’s also not very good and singing or songwriting as we saw during the talent show last week. From here on out, we propose calling Jed the “guitar strummer / occasional wearer of ugly hats.”

To summarize, week 3 will look a lot like week 2 but hopefully we hear about Matteo’s 114 kids or something like that to mix things up a bit.

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