The Bachelorette Week 4 Preview – Let The Rage Monster Roar

The Bachelorette Week 4 Preview – Let The Rage Monster Roar

Welcome back, Bachelorette Nation! We’re heading into the meat of the season and beginning to transition from fun to feelings. #rightreasons talk is heating up and Hannah is doing her best to sift through the wave of Basic Bros to find her potential mate. Let’s jump right into it!

Week 3 Recap and Reflections

Thankfully, we got a little more depth in week 3 as compared to the first two weeks which were completely dominated by Luke P, Cam, and Jed. To be fair, 80% of the episode was still focused on these guys, specifically Cam and Luke P, but we’ll take it.

Jumping straight into the highlight of the week – we got a group date featuring Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen administering a childbirth simulation. I mean, this is why we tune in every Monday night, no? John Paul Jones left us with maybe the greatest screen grab in franchise history. Behold:

We also were treated to a photo shoot with the guys and a bunch of animals. Shout out to the Secret Life of Pets 2 for a pretty decent brand integration – these can be pretty clunky sometimes but I have to admit, the Bachelor(ette) seems to do it right more times than not (Hello, Halo Top?) Predictably, Luke P got jealous when, get this, Hannah paid attention to other guys. His response? Do push ups with Hannah on his back. She was super not into seeing his incredibly insecure and juvenile reaction.  Like, hated it. Here’s a shot of Luke P “not getting it.”

Connor got a 1:1 where he had to take care of Hannah post getting some medical treatment. She seems to like him and Conner looks like a contender at this point but yeah, boring date TBH.

We finally get rid of Cam during the rose ceremony when it became clear that his story line was transitioning from drama inducing to downright creepy.

Week 4 Predictions

So here we are, Bachelorette Nation. Things have to start accelerating with some of the guys as the numbers begin to shrink. Now that Cam is gone, we have to think some of his air time will be filled with legitimate contenders. RIGHT, ABC?!? Here’s what we know from the previews:

It looks like Jed gets a 1:1 -presumably in Boston given the Celtics jerseys and the backdrop. It also appears from the preview that Hannah does not know the words to the national anthem post her dive bar smooch with Jed. Jed looks like a lock to make a deep run at this point given the screen time and apparent chemistry.

We also get another incredibly dangerous group date: Rugby. This affords Luke P the opportunity to get super violent which is unfortunate. After what we have to assume was a difficult-to-watch game, Mike confronts Luke P regarding his Rage Monster Tendencies. This is where we get a close up of his closed fist which looks an awful like the Arthur meme (below). We’ve got to think Luke is gone in maybe 2 weeks. They burned too hot to see him gone this week but perhaps another rocky week followed by a long goodbye in week 5.

Luke P listening to criticism

The other real tidbit we see in the preview is Hannah on a Fishing Boat with Conner. We also see an ambulance show up and blurry image that sort of looks like him. I mean, what did you expect with a Deadliest Catch theme date?

The last thing we’ll hit on from the previews is a heated exchange Hannah is having where she declares that she has done the deed (on the show? below? Unsure) but rest assured, Jesus still loves her. Lots to unpack in future weeks.


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