The Bachelorette Week 5 Preview – It’s a Little Early for This, No?

The Bachelorette Week 5 Preview – It’s a Little Early for This, No?

Welcome back, Bachelorette Nation! Last week saw a continued focus on Luke P and Jed with a smattering of themes usually reserved for later weeks. ABC also pulled out their favorite trick – the “to be continued” at the end of the episode – really a little bit of everything. Let’s take a quick look back.

Rhode Island. Hi. We’re in…Rhode Island

Welcome to (Insert Domestic City) Board of Tourism Week! This season brings us to Newport Rhode Island. After all the guys loudly marveled at the splendor of their accommodations, Hannah and Jed take off for their 1:1 in…Boston? Sure – anyhow, they go to a bar, power drink with some locals and also get to play some basketball with a couple of the Boston Celtics. This went considerably better than the last basketball date (looking at you, DeMario!). Our favorite part of the date was easily 22 shooting guard Jaylen Brown giving life and love advice to 24 year old Hannah Brown. What a time to be alive.

Getting Honest About The Show

Taking a step back, we really like the trend of bringing the meta conversation onscreen. Why might a singer-songwriter think to go on The Bachelorette? Of course Jed joined up to get his face on television, and everyone watching the show (and talking about it on Twitter) just assumes that. Hannah would be absolutely stupid to not have it in her head. That Jed took time (early) during his 1:1 to admit to it as a way to get closer to her was a master stroke. On the converse, Luke S’s potential tequila (vodka? gin? We can’t remember) aspirations are a thing to throw in his face, since it was something he said in passing to one of the other guys. W want to hear everyone talking about what they really went on the show for.

We were also surprised by how well Tyler C’s date went. It’s usually later in the season that there is a 1:1 date with the theme of “I needed to get away from the drama,” but it’s also pretty clear by that point that the “I needed this” date guy isn’t going to be the winner. Tyler’s chemistry with Hannah really puts that to the test.

Did you all watch that Halo Top commercial with Nick Viall? Highlight of the night. It was black-hearted and self-aware and amazing, and we want to hire that marketing firm. It doesn’t mean we’re going to go out and buy that glorified frozen rice cake in a pint tub, but still. We’re here for it.

Lastly – and – Luke P still is a total Rage Monster and has been picking a fight with Luke S who looks like a dorkier Nick Viall. We’ll cover this in the next portion.

Week 5 Predictions

Last week we were left with Hannah pulling the Lukes aside for some real talk and a “to be continued”. Where does the Luke/Luke battle go from here? Hannah clearly likes Luke P more, but she’s the only one in the mansion who feels that way. And she has to see what a rage monster he is, right? Does she even keep either of them? Our bet – Luke S goes home, trashes Luke P in his interview and sets up a 2:1 with Luke and one of literally anyone else who hates him. It feels a little early in the season for this but based on the previews and what we’ve seen so far – we are ripe for some big moves from Hannah (the Producers) to reestabish herself as here for the right reasons. Also, we kind of need to get the season back on the rails a bit – so expect something “big” in Week 5.

Beyond that, Hannah looks like she gets some fantastic kilt action in Scotland. Just how far will these guys be able to toss their cabers? Should be a good one!

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