The Bachelorette Week 7 Preview – What Just Happened?

The Bachelorette Week 7 Preview – What Just Happened?

Welcome back, Bachelorette Nation! Last week was, um, different? We didn’t progress the season too much so we don’t have a lot of new predictions for you this week but more of a step back. We did get rid of a couple of guys that after 6 weeks still needed to be cross referenced with to remember their name. No big loss there. Let’s take a quick look back at last week and light a prayer candle for the rest of the season.

Week 6: Way Before the Final Rose

Last week, as noted above, strange. We saw yet another big group discussion about Luke and his relationship with Hannah and the other guys. This was followed by a quick arrival in Riga, Latvia but then a fast pivot to a recap episode compete with a sit-down with Hannah and Chris. Honestly, all we can come up with was ABC ordered another episode during their filming and they had to shoehorn something in there.¬† What did we see? Here’s what we now know:

 Luke is Somehow Still Here

If anyone was wondering what it would be like if Wha-boom stuck around until hometowns, this. It makes so little sense at this point and Luke’s time on the show just continues to derail the season with everyone focused on him. In the first 2 episodes, we could make the argument that she actually likes him so fine, see where things go, THEN throw him off once he acts like a jibroni. But for the last couple of weeks, Hannah has been visibly annoyed with him more than not and it’s unclear why she keeps him around. Even her rose ceremonies have become truly baffling. Based upon the previews, it looks like we have at least 2 more weeks with Luke which means he’s going to get close to if not make it all the way to a hometown.

Hannah, every time Luke speaks

Luke is the One Who Upsets Hannah

Now we know who is behind one of the most played previews of this season – a scene with Hannah telling someone, “my husband would never say that to me.” Surprise, surprise, Luke again! This freakin’ guy, man. He basically tells Hannah that if she’s been with another one of the guys, he would need to go home. Based upon all the footage we’re seeing – this has an end-of-episode transitioning into a “to be continued” written all over it. Also, it calls into question when they actually filmed the interview with Hannah where she is complimentary of Luke. Not sure you call someone a “good kisser” who just slut-shamed you.

So, What Next?

Honestly, all bets are off. The wheels are coming off the season and we can only hope things get back on track for Hannah’s sake, but the longer Luke P remains, the later the blow up happens and the less likely this season ends on a happy note. Will Hannah choose someone? Probably, but the path there just may be a lot rockier than we’re used to.




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