The Bachelorette Episode 9 Recap: The Fantasy Suites

The Bachelorette Episode 9 Recap: The Fantasy Suites

Welcome back, Bachelorette Nation! After a series of emotional hometown dates (and one that totally shouldn’t have even happened *cough* Dean *cough*), we’re down to our final 3 – Peter, Bryan “The Makeout King”, and Eric. This is historically the “Fantasy Suite” episode, so you know we’re fired up. Let’s just pray there are no yurts this time around.

Dallas Dater’s Club

Breaking from Bachelor(ette) tradition, we begin the episode with a visit to Dallas to meet Rachel’s family. Typically, only the final 2 will meet her family, but we learn that Rachel’s sister is 8 months pregnant and is unable to travel. While this is a wrinkle and a rare human moment from our overlords at ABC, I kind of like where this is going. I have to believe we’re on an express train to awkwardsville.

Peter B’Gosh

Peter gets the first crack at some time with Rachel’s family but first they have to shop for some baby clothes for her sister’s kids. Rachel mentions that they need to get something for her nephew, Alistair. Upon learning that he is 3, but a “big 3”, Peter – Like a f’in boss – proclaims “he’s probably a size 3 or 4 then”. #Nailedit.

Rachel Peter Baby Episode 9 Fantasy Suite
Obviously 4T

Before walking in to meet her family, Peter sits down with Rachel to let her know that he’s falling in love with her. Ugh, finally Peter! Rachel, flying pretty close to the sun, lets Peter know that she’s falling in love with him too.

We then get to see Peter and Rachel walk in and meet her family (minus her dad who is unable to meet any of the guys this week). I liked Rachel’s family from last season, but this segment makes me REALLY like them. Seriously, they seem like a really nice bunch as they discuss the process together. Not to mention, we get another Copper sighting! Serious question – did ABC fly an assistant from LA to Dallas to take Copper home while the cast traveled?

Rachel Peter Baby Episode 9 Fantasy Suite
Approving Looks for Peter

The highlight of this date for me was Peter and Rachel’s mom’s discussion. Peter tells her that he doesn’t want to propose to her if he isn’t 100% sure, and if that would be ok? After a tense pause, she smiles and tells him that makes her happy, and yes, that is ok.

The last part of the date was Peter playing with Rachel’s 3-year old nephew. He said “Peter!” and immediately everyone’s heart melted. Rachel’s sister interjected that his name isn’t “Peter”, it’s “winner”. Talk about setting the bar high for a family meeting…

Rachel Peter Baby Episode 9 Fantasy Suite

Eric and what not to tell someone’s family

Eric is up next but before we get there, I have to call out the unbelievably uncomfortable waiting room ABC set up for the other 2 men. Bryan and Peter are sitting there at this point talking about Eric’s date. Peter, like the boss that he is, lays it down for Bryan – it’s weird to sit with Rachel’s other boyfriend while she’s on a date with another boyfriend. He tells Bryan he doesn’t really want to be sitting with him. I love Peter even more.

It’s time for Eric to meet Rachel’s family and they dive right in asking about his family. He handles this well by explaining he comes from a non-traditional background. After some more group chat, Eric peels off with Rachel’s sister Constance for some 1:1 time. She asks him about if he’s been in love before (he hasn’t been). She presses that perhaps they are different places but he does a great job here. He says honestly he wasn’t sure coming in, but he’s falling in love with Rachel and wants to be the man he knows he can be, to provide and protect her.

Next is Rachel’s mom and Eric opens up by telling her how much he admires the fact that she’s been married to Rachel’s dad for 38 years. After discussing what marriage means to Eric, he asks her mom for her permission to marry Rachel. In a semi-cop out sort of way, she tells Eric that she trusts Rachel but would be comfortable with him which seems like a best-case scenario given how serious her family is about this and how little they know about him.

Bryan and some BS

In our last family date of the night, Bryan starts off by meeting some of Rachel’s friends. She tells them that the first time she met him, she thought he was a d-bag. I think she should have gone with her gut.

Bryan and Rachel make it to her home and off the bat the energy is off. After Bryan tells her family that his mom is everything to him, Rachel’s mom follows up by questioning who gets prioritized if there is a conflict? After some fumbling, Bryan (correctly) answers that would, of course, be Rachel. Rachel isn’t too thrilled at this point with the questioning but her mom basically tells us in the interview, tough shit, they’re vetting potential husbands for her.

Rachel Bryan Episode 9 Fantasy Suite

As they sit down to lunch, her family’s collective BS meter starts to go off after he tells them he loves Rachel and he considered her his girlfriend from day 1. Constance fires back, “she was your girlfriend after like a week?!”. After more questions from her family, Bryan excuses himself from the table. Rachel is now visibly frustrated with her family.

Constance and Bryan have their sit down and he lets her know how much he likes their family. Again, she pushes back on him that it’s only been like an hour. Rachel and her mom’s discussion begins with her mom saying “red flags”. Everyone at this point is calling hard BS on this dude. After meeting with her mom and some better discussion, the date ends well enough but there are now some serious questions about Bryan going forward.

Visit La Rioja Spain!

We’re finally off to our dates and Rachel lets us know that we’ll be in the La Rioja area in Northern Spain. We see her arrive at her hotel, Viura as she provides the voice over for the La Rioja board of tourism approved copy. It would be neat if ABC could be a little less obvious with their integrations.

Eric gets the first date in Spain and in a classic Bach move, they jump on a helicopter. They arrive at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe which is totally breathtaking. Eric looks truly happy and content in this moment and you can’t help but feel great for him knowing what his journey has been.

Rachel Eric Spain Episode 9 Fantasy Suite

Rachel and Eric sit down for dinner outside and talk about love. It seems like Rachel is trying to pull an “I love you” out of him but all I can pay attention to is the fact that they look like they are freezing to death. He tells Rachel that without her, this is nothing. He’s tried to run but he’s never felt this way and he’s in love with her. If I’m being honest, Eric was kind of off my radar up until this very moment. He’s so sincere and thoughtful in this moment – he definitely earned that room key.

Rachel Eric Spain Episode 9 Fantasy Suite
100% did not need to see their bed

Peter means business

Peter’s date begins at a vinyard. The owner, Vitorino wastes no time hitting on Rachel by singing her a song. This is him telling Peter, “welcome to Spain, bitch.” Peter is immediately over this.

Rachel Peter Spain Episode 9 Fantasy Suite
F this noize

Vitortino gives Peter and Rachel a key to their own wine cellar at the vinyard. I’m not nearly fancy enough to vouch for this being “a thing”, but it’s kind of cool. They next do some grape stomping a la “I Love Lucy” to round out their date before the all important evening portion.

Peter starts the evening off by sharing that his family has a tradition of having wine at special events and saving the cork with something written about the day on it. He saved their cork from earlier and asks Rachel to write on their cork. She is nearly brought to tears by this simple gesture and leaves me asking, “Eric who?”. She writes “To many firsts” on their cork.

Things get serious though when Rachel tells Peter that she didn’t do this for a boyfriend at the end, she wants to be engaged. Peter stands strong though that engaged means marriage, and he wants it to be right. There is obviously a rift here and we’re lead to believe that there is trouble brewing between them as we get to the finale.

And just like that, “To be continued…”. See you next week for “Men tell all” and the finale in 2 weeks!

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