The Bachelorette Episode 10 Recap – Men Tell All

The Bachelorette Episode 10 Recap – Men Tell All

It’s Men Tell All week, everyone! This is also known as the episode where a bunch of dudes you cared about like 6 weeks ago come back and talk about stuff you realize you already forgot happened. I always have really high hopes but am usually let down – will this season be different?

The Most Memorable “Men Tell All” Moments

We open up with a montage that 10 seconds in annoyed me. Chris Harrison tells us that tonight will be nothing if not memorable. This is clearly a lie because I literally forgot every single one of these “top moments” from “Men tell all” past.

ABC must not have good footage for this episode because we’re now 20 minutes in after the first break and we’re getting our second montage of the episode. This time, it was the low-lights from this season – Blake and Whaboom, Kenny and Lee, you get the picture. Adam tries to break down the house drama for us and all I can think off is, “can you believe this guy made it to the final 6?” Me neither.

There is all kinds of bickering that’s pretty hard to keep track of, but on the plus side, Alex’s jacket is on pooooooint!

Alex Men Tell All Bachelorette Rachel
Alex’s Jacket though…

Kenny and Lee Time

We knew this was coming but nothing could prepare us for the group discussion about why Kenny and Lee didn’t get along. This went on for an entire segment but let me save you 10 minutes that I’ll never get back in my life. Lee doesn’t like Kenny because Lee is racist. Got it? Ok – good.

We get yet another montage and Kenny takes the couch next to Chris Harrison. After more discussion, Lee apologizes for not being a better friend to Kenny. The good feelings lasted about 3 seconds until Kenny called bullshit on Lee. Oh well!

In one of those super rare genuinely nice moments, ABC brings out McKenzie to see her dad, Kenny. The love between them melts all the Lee nonsense immediately which was a welcome change. To make things even better, Chris Harrison tells Kenny and McKenzie to celebrate Kenny’s birthday (which is tomorrow), he’s going to send them to Disneyland! Unfortunately, the good times ended here.

Kenny McKenzie Men Tell All Bachelorette Rachel

People apparently don’t like Lee

We get it by now, ABC. People don’t like Lee because he’s not a good dude. We’re an hour in and FFS, can we stop talking about him? There are so many cool guys (DID YOU SEE DIGGY’S BOW TIE?!), it’s just a shame that this is dominating the conversation yet again. In a particularly savage and unexpected move, Chris Harrison pulls up Lee’s questionable past tweets and asks what he thinks about seeing them now? Lee tells us that he has a lot to learn – no shit. I won’t link to them again, if you’re really interested, Google it – but I’m not giving him any more web traffic.

At this point, Josiah walks up to the stage to sit next to Lee and talk to him. Things are getting off the rails now with DeMario, Iggy, Will and the rest of the guys going after Lee. Lee fires back eloquently, “I don’t like racism”. The heat stays on Lee as he faces a firing square of his fellow Bachelorette runner ups and an hour and 15 minutes in, Lee gets the redemption edit that we could have done without. Lee and Kenny “hug it out” and Diggy’s face pretty much sums up how Bachelorette Nation feels.

Diggy Kenny Lee Men Tell All Bachelorette
We are all Diggy


Next, Dean sits down with Chris Harrison to talk about his experience. This will be quick because basically we got a montage of his hometown, followed by a bunch of low mumbling about being on the show and being heart broken.

Queen Rachel, long may she reign

At this point, Rachel joins us – looking flawless as ever. She starts talking about what it was like being with all of the guys. She throws some shade at DeMario and then moves on to Lee. UGH – stop talking about him! In an interesting moment, she acknowledges Matt and Adam for being great guys that she’s disappointed ABC gave zero air time to. I’m happy to hear that she actually liked them and didn’t just forget to send them home.

Rachel Bachelorette Men tell all

Finally, something fun

An hour and fifty minutes in, we get the first fun part of this episode, the bloopers! I think what makes Rachel so great is how real she is. The bloopers are totally in service to this awesome quality of hers and a ton of fun to watch. 100% serious, if you don’t have 2 hours to burn, just watch this short clip and you’ll be better off

The Men Tell All wraps up with a preview for next week’s finale – and honestly, I’m not sure how it’s all going to end up. We’ll just have to find out next Monday!

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