The Bachelor Week 4 Recap: Roughing it in Tahoe

The Bachelor Week 4 Recap: Roughing it in Tahoe

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation! We’re in week 4 of “The Bachelor” which means that  Arie has sent home roughly half of the night 1 arrivals, feelings are getting caught and we’re due for someone to proclaim that Krystal isn’t here for the #rightreasons. It’s gotta be soon so ABC has time to set up “The most dramatic 2:1 date EVER”. Let’s find out!

Our opening scene for this week is Bekah swimming and all of the other women talking about how she’s too young for Arie. I’ve watched a lot of “The Bachelor” so it’s clear to me this will be our “conflict” du jour.

Chris Harrison arrives to let us know that there won’t be a date today… in Los Angeles!. For crying out loud. This was the date card equivalent of when you were in elementary school and teachers would tell you there isn’t any more homework for the year the week before Christmas. Wasn’t funny then, isn’t funny now. We’re off to South Lake Tahoe!

South Lake Tahoe or Bust!

Arie Bachelor week 4
Arie being pensive

Not long after the women arrive, the first date card of the evening is delivered. Seinne is getting the first 1:1 date (which is great) while Krystal interprets this as an opening to trash her in her interview. I’m always confused by the women who think the Bachelor is “their man” and take it personally when he inevitably spends time with other bachelorettes.

Seinne and Arie begin their date by parasailing with a group of women looking on via some conveniently available binoculars. I’m usually critical of the producers of this show, but this was a detail that I would have 100% overlooked – mainly because it’s completely unnecessary and someone clearly made a big deal about it given the length of the shot. The conversation between Seinne and Arie on the beach after their ride is as boring as you’d expect.

Arie Bachelor week 4

Meanwhile at the cabin, the group date card is delivered and Bekah is the only one not on it, meaning she’ll get a 1:1 this week. Krystal lets us know that “Arie is looking for a woman, not a girl”. With this comment, she has fully realized her role on the show and has to be a lock for a future 2:1 with Bekah. Mark it – I’ve seen this movie before.

Dinner with Seinne features casual conversation and Arie not eating his food – so that’s a good thing. Seinne is wayyyyyyyyy too good for Arie, let’s make this super clear. That being said, she gets a rose and the night ends with an Awkward Private Concert from … Lanco? It’s just how nobody imagined their fairy-tale date.

Roughing it in…Tahoe?

The group date kicks off in the woods with a couple of survival experts. Just when you thought this show hit rock bottom, Arie pretends to drink his own pee. No, seriously- this was part of the date. Also part of this romantic date is eating worms and other creatures. I’m pretty sure everyone involved may want to take a Listerine break before reengaging with “The Kissing Bandit”.

Arie Bachelor week 4

After a hike where half the group got lost, Arie and the half that didn’t take a long-awaited dip in a hot tub. At this point, Krystal is going off the rails because she is getting visibly upset anytime he looks at another woman. Again, can someone please explain how this works to her before she drowns one of the other women in the jacuzzi?

Arie Bachelor week 4

Krystal and the #rightreasons

The evening portion of the group date kicks off with more of Krystal’s delusional insecurity which is beginning to get old. It’s also getting old for the women as they begin to trash her. Straight out of the Bachelor playbook, Krystal begins to express her insecurity to Arie and is upset that she’s being judged. Oh, honey… bless your heart. She is sprinting towards as 2:1 and being left on a glacier somewhere and doesn’t even know it yet.

Tia and Caroline pull Krystal to the side and confront her on her awfulness. This doesn’t go far but the emotions carry over into Tia’s 1:1 time with Arie. She begins to open up about her feelings which translates into the date rose. Total power move and Krystal is about to lose it. Win win!

Bekah M is Younger than Arie

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, it’s time for Bekah’s 1:1. The date begins with some horseback riding with cut backs to the other women discussing her age. Back on the date, they jump in a hot tub and Arie talks about some car crash that Bekah feigns interest in. This is followed by some heavy smooching (of course) but what sticks out to me is Arie’s super creepy mid-kiss smile. I just noticed this and I can’t unsee it.

Arie Bachelor week 4

During dinner, Arie and Bekah talk about “being ready” for love. He also works into the discussion his age and at this point he’s super trying to figure out how old this chick is. After some less subtle prodding, Bekah asks him if he knows how old she is. After some giggling and groaning, she admits what all of us who have Google already knew – she’s 22. Arie immediately looks mortified. After some discussion, Arie gives Bekah the date rose because he’s looking for a wife, not a 22 year-old girlfriend – whatever the hell that means.

The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever!

Chris Harrison comes out and lets the women know that there won’t be a cocktail party tonight. Audible gasps abound! I’m not going to hate on this classic Bachelor move, though. In the spirit of fairness, let’s take a moment to thank our benevolent overlords at ABC for easing off the “to be continued” bullshit this season.

Before Arie can hand out a rose, Krystal asks to pull him aside to talk about she’s feeling. At this point everyone is hating on her but it’s also abundantly clear how this will play out. As expected, Krystal gets the last rose – aka “the producer rose” because hey, someone has to go on a 2:1 date in the next week or so. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! We say goodbye to Caroline and Brittany and we’re down to 13. See you all next week!

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