The Bachelorette Week 8: Becca Visits Hometowns

The Bachelorette Week 8: Becca Visits Hometowns

Welcome back, Bachelorette Nation! We’re getting to the nitty-gritty part of the season and I must say, while Becca hasn’t had the most exciting journey to find love, she’s managed to end up with 4 bachelors that I could see her accepting a proposal from. We usually get 3 legitimate players + a Dean or Corinne but hats off to Becca/the Producers for choosing well. A trip to the fantasy suite is up for grabs and a lineup of concerned parents await – let’s get into it!

Garrett’s Hometown

We start the week off in Manteca, CA to visit Garrett’s family farm. Becca and Garrett begin the visit by planting tomatoes via an enormous piece of farm equipment. The couple discusses what it would be like to have their imaginary children riding along with them planting tomatoes. What would it be like? Let me help you guys out, it would be incredibly dangerous! Holy smokes people. Garrett next helps Becca plant a rose bush because “she’s giving him so many roses”. While somewhat obvious, this is one of the less heavy-handed moments of producer intervention and actually sort of nice.

The rest of the date was dominated by a visit with Garrett’s family where everyone was (rightfully) prodding to ensure he wouldn’t get his heart broken. From what it sounds like Garrett has been healing from a difficult divorce and was finally in a good place. Given this context and the fact that he seems like a genuinely decent guy, I’m surprised someone didn’t tackle him before sending in his casting tape to this ridiculous show but here we are and we can only hope for the best. All in all, it was a nice visit and we leave liking Garrett a bit more.

Jason’s Hometown

We make our way to Buffalo, NY and Becca appears to be right at home in soul-crushing weather. +1 for Jason. They begin the date in the most romantic way possible, by participating in a wing eating content at the home of the original Buffalo Wings. Personally I’m not one for tearing chicken meat off of a bone as quickly as possible but Becca seems to be a good sport.

Week 8 Becca Bachelorette recap

After filling their bellies with wings, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese, it seems logical to participate in some physical activity! The couple laces up some skates and plays hockey together. They appear to have a nice time skating and talking about Becca’s willingness to be a hockey mom before moving right along to meet his family.

Once at his family’s home, Becca meets his parents, brother and brother-in-law. While I suspect every parent is doing this, Jason’s mom tells us that she was trying to figure out if Becca is in love with her son. After speaking with Becca, she talks with Jason to let him know that she couldn’t get a read on her. Um, cool?

Before the night is over, Jason’s brother and his husband hear all about all of the lovely things he feels about Becca. After Jason finishes bearing his soul, they ask him if he’s told her – um, no. The guys basically let him know that he may want to do that. Next scene, Jason recites the exact same lines back to Becca and she seems mildly interested. The whole thing felt like Luca Brasi practicing what he wanted to say to Vito Corleone in  the beginning of “The Godfather”. Let’s hope it ends better for Jason.

Blake’s Hometown

Next stop, Bailey, Colorado! Blake takes Becca to visit his high school in a move typically reserved for college freshmen on fall break. They make out in a classroom which is nothing short of weird then Blake brings her to the library to talk. He tells her about how when he was a senior, there was a shooting in his school and all of the feelings associated with that. Undeniably an awful experience that no one should have to go through. Blake has had a rough go it seems but he and Becca seem to have a strong enough connection that these stories are bringing them closer. Their visit ends with an Awkward Private Concert with Betty Who, who is apparently Becca’s favorite singer. The internet tells me she’s an Australian singer and my brain tells me that Becca is likely full of crap.

Week 8 Becca Bachelorette recap

They then go to meet Blake’s family and I literally remember nothing of this segment. I was too distracted thinking “that’s the basketball coach!!!” Moving on.

Colton’s Hometown

Lastlyis a short trip to Denver. Colton starts the date by bringing Becca along with him to a visit to the children’s hospital where he does a lot of charity work. Colton’s ridiculous “tall-tee” shirt aside, he definitely seems in his element with the children and who can argue with that? Nice job, Colton.

Next is a trip home to meet Colton’s family and they all seem great. The most awkward part of the date had nothing to do with Becca. Rather, it was Colton telling his mom that he let Becca know about being a virgin because the “fantasy suite” dates were coming up. His mom looked both proud and grossed out all at the same time.

Becca’s Girl Squad / Bachelor in Paradise Promo

The episode ends up with a visit from Becca’s “friends” aka a bunch of women who will be on Bachelor in Paradise in a couple of weeks. We know things are going to go down between Tia and Becca thanks to some awful editing. The extreme close ups of Tia’s nervous face were a bit much, ABC. As teased, Tia asks to steal Becca for a second and lets her know that she still has feeling for Colton. Understandably, Becca has no idea how to respond and the two women awkwardly look at one another until it’s time for another commercial break.

Before roses are handed out, Colton pulls Chris Harrison aside to ask him what the expectations were around the “fantasy suite” which elicits the greatest reaction ever for Chris. I won’t describe it, just look below. As it turns out, it doesn’t matter as Colton gets sent home / to probably Paradise with Tia and it’s off to Thailand for the final 3 and a night of cringy date cards.

Week 8 Becca Bachelorette recap
Uh, what?
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