The Bachelorette Week 2 Preview: Hannah Brown is from Alabama!

The Bachelorette Week 2 Preview: Hannah Brown is from Alabama!

Welcome back, Bachelorette Nation! Week 1 is behind us along with the limos, and constantly referencing to figure out who’s who. Unfortunately, our benevolent overlords at ABC spent a ton of time on guys who went home. Scott, Matt Donald on his tractor, the Box King guy… let us spend some time getting a feel for the season, and stop trying to make Chicago Joe happen again. None the less, let’s take a quick look back and consider what we have in store this week!

Did You Know: Hannah Brown is from Alabama

Last week we kicked things off by reaffirming that we know nothing about Hannah aside from the fact that she’s from Alabama. Typically the guys have cute intros related to things we know about our Bachelor/ette – they like dogs, they love their family, they have a hobby, etc. This year? We heard “Roll Tide” shouted more times on in 2 hours on Monday night than on a fall Saturday in Tuscaloosa. It’s literally all we know about Hannah (and the fact that she, uh, struggles with words).

Right Reasons , Aisle 2

The manufactured drama with Scott was so obviously a plant that it’s hard to overlook.  We all know that the invisible hand of ABC creates a lot of what we see on screen but the whole Demi and Katie sting operation was just too much. It was a forced story line to establish once and for all that Hannah is, in fact, here for the “right reasons”. It happens every season but let’s give it a minute, shall we? His pointy hair was a dead giveaway. He wasn’t going to make it past night one anyway, why do we care if he’s got a girlfriend back home? ABC waited until week 2 for DeMario’s ex showed up to their basketball game.

That being said, we could have used more of the Demi/Katie schtick. We wanted to see their takes on all the guys. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see them comment on everybody, or to debrief Hannah and see who she liked and who they liked? Or google their social media history in real time to weed out anybody with questionable politics? More girl friend assists!

Week 2 Thoughts

So what do we see in the cards for next week? My god we hope some depth but short of that from the preview we find out that Tyler G seems to be getting a 1:1 complete with helicopter (thank god we get some classic bachelorette fare). By getting the first 1:1 it means we better hope he’s cool because he’ll be here for a while – statistically speaking. I have no feelings about him yet but I’m guessing since he’s a psych major, Hannah will get some coaching around not being nervous making toasts or something.

We also see that Cam gets creepy and being completely judgmental based upon his headshot – it seems on brand. I mean, did we really think someone named Cameron who raps and goes on the Bachelorette would be well-adjusted?

Luke P also professes that he’s falling in love with Hannah at a drag show which, based upon last week, feels right.

He seems like a powder keg. God talked to him in the shower and told him to stop having so much sex? He’s going to have some thoughts on Hannah’s clothing and why she’s going out with so many other guys. He’ll be a late-season villain.

Week 2 Predictions

How many toasts will Hannah be forced to make? At least 3, the 1:1, the group and the cocktail party – We don’t see this story line going anywhere. ABC spent 3 months rehashing Colton’s purity, this is nothing compared to that.
Will the guys say something other than Roll Tide? Again, prepare to endure months of this. ABC has created a Pavlovian situation where the guys are rewarded every time they say it. Say “Roll Tide”, Hannah lights up, rinse, repeat.
Will we dive right into right reasons territory again? We’ve broken the seal on this one, and based upon the previews, it seems ABC is betting on early season drama this season.
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