The Bachelorette Week 8 Preview – Riga!

The Bachelorette Week 8 Preview – Riga!

Welcome back, Bachelorette Nation! We’re getting down to the wire with only 6 men left – and yes, let’s get this out of the way, Luke P is one of them. Honestly, his story line is just getting distracting. Our unaided memories of this week were that Luke didn’t go home and Jed sang a song that 100% wasn’t for Hannah, to Hannah. Let’s dive in as we prepare for hometowns!


This was a fun episode … As long as you ignore anything that has to do with the main plot of the show these past three weeks, because everyone in Bachelor Nation has GOT to be sick of Luke at this point. He sucks, and it sucks that he’s got enough animal chemistry with Hannah that he’s going to stick around until at least Fantasy Suites. It’s just sort of mind boggling- I mean this far into the season it’s gotta be here call to keep whomever she wants- or at least not have to keep someone she hates, no?

What else happened? Well we were treated to some naked bungee jumping – apparently a thing. Tell me this isn’t the weirdest profession ever for the staff. Honestly it feels like a massive troll by ABC though. It’s not hard to imagine a producer’s meeting where they discuss dates that both 1. Make Luke go bananas and 2. Hannah is ok taking part in. Naked Bungee Jumping, ya’ll.

Winner of the Week

Straddling.  There’s a reason Hannah likes those high slits on her dresses, folks, and it’s because she very much enjoys making out while straddling her suitor. Peter, Jed, and Tyler all enjoyed their one-on-one time very much.

Losers of the Week

Singer-Songwriters. Jed’s “Mr. Right” song is terrible. Let’s dump that guitar in the Baltic on the way out of town

Latvian history. With each shot of the guys strolling through the streets yelling “Riiigaaaaaaaaa”, it became clearer that none of them know anything about the history, and that they’re not going to while on this trip. As far as they know, Latvia simply has a rich bungee culture that can finally flourish once again after the break up of the USSR.

As an aside, the “Bachelor Party” podcast suggested that if the various tourism boards really wanted us to visit, they’d show us what Chris Harrison did with his week in their city. Give us that bonus content!

So What Next?

Well, we’re getting towards the end, Luke is still here and the season has been a bit off the rails. Either Hannah picks Luke and congrats, you are marrying a lunatic or she picks someone else who has gotten to know her through the haze of Luke’s story line.

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